Exhibitors for Tabletop Central 2023

Carve the Moon creates vibrant and whimsical fantasy art through digital painting, illustration, and traditional acrylic painting. Add a little touch of magic to your life through cute art prints, stationery, stickers, accessories and more!

Simple, affordable, and portable games!

We are Champaign natives with a 3yr boardgame youtube channel that focuses on cooperative boardgames.

Join us for narrative mystery detective games, and other cooperative boardgames. Full playthroughs, comprehensive reviews, and long sidebar discussions, with an eye towards game design. We are independent and take seriously our obligation to provide unbiased opinion; we do not do paid content and buy all of our own games.

Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space is an interactive real-life game for friends, family, and coworkers!

Teams of 2-10 players have 60 minutes to find clues, complete puzzles, discover secret doors, and solve a greater mystery.

Each game takes place in a different setting and time period. From dispelling evil spirits in a haunted cabin, to foiling the plot of a medieval wizard, to saving the city as a team of superheroes, each scenario is designed to make players feel like they are living out a movie!

D20 Stitchery is a locally-owned crafting business specializing in handmade geeky crafts. Come by and chat about all things nerdy and browse a large selection of crafts including epic dice bags, embroidered messenger bags, and much more!

For images of products, or general geekyness, visit our website and follow us on social media!

Want to design your own game components? Stop by our booth to explore the exciting and creative world of 3D digital art to enhance your game experiences. Register for our upcoming workshops designed to help you get started!

Dragon Ink Dice is all about artisan TTRPG creations. Our main focus is handmade resin polyhedral dice sets and singles. We also make keychains, jewelry, dice trays, dragons, and other accessories and knickknacks!

Gamer's Quartermaster creates laser cut game accessories such as dice towers, trays, tokens and spin counters. The designs are visually simple but come in various color options.

Custom Designs and 3D printed and Laser engraved items for fans of Tabletop RPGs or just cool items for geeks of all sorts.

Focusing on accessories to enhance any tabletop RPG or board gaming session, we create custom designed objects and other fun things for gaming geeks.

I create headbands, keychains, jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pens with dice and other unique materials like rubber duckies, flowers and such. My creations are with existing materials in an unique unexpected way. Wearable fan-wear so to speak.

From coasters and dice bags to entire cloaks and coats, Silly Sheep Crochet lives up to their name, layering rows upon rows of colorful yarn to create beautiful handmade pieces. Be it sprucing up your dining table, picking up a dragon egg dice bag, or wrapping up for future adventures, with the option to request custom items, you're sure to be adding a truly unique item to your collection.

The Copper Hippo started with friends Sarah and Jack. We’d known each other since we were only 13 years old, brought together on art forums where we discovered a fondness for working together to come up with amazing things.

Now here we are, grown adults, living together, making art together, and chasing the dream of making a living doing just that.