Silent Auction

This year Tabletop Central is adding a Silent Auction.

The Silent Auction will open for attendees to browse and place bids starting at 11am, and will close immediately at 6:30pm. After a short break to organize all games, we will open up the area for winners to come pay for and collect their winning bid items (this will likely be shortly after the Door Prize drawings at 7pm).

Silent Auction sales will be CASH ONLY. You MUST be present in order to claim your winnings - announcements will be made over the room's speakers to alert participants to return to the area.

Seller Info

To sell a game in the silent auction, you will need to be present at the convention in order to drop off your game and pick up any money earned at the end of the day.

The cost to put a game into the silent auction is $0.50 per game you would like to sell (multiple games cannot be bundled into "lots," but expansions can be bundled with the base game). This $.50 is paid at the time you drop off your game.

Games will need to be dropped off by noon at the latest, though the silent auction will be open for attendees to browse and place bids starting at 11am. Convention staff/volunteers will monitor the silent auction throughout the entire convention, though please understand that the convention cannot be held liable for loss or damage to your items while in the silent auction.

Any money earned from the sale of your game will be collected by convention staff at the end of the silent auction, and will then be given entirely to you by the end of the night. If there are no bids on your item by the end of the auction, or if a winning bidder cannot be found, then your game will be returned to you.

There will be limited space to sell in the Silent Auction, please email us at to reserve space soon! If all spaces are not reserved ahead of time, games may be entered into the Silent Auction the morning of the convention on first-come first-served basis.