Host an Event

Interested in running an event at Tabletop Central?


Gaslands: Mario Kart from Tabletop Central 2022

What Kinds of Events Can I Host?

Any type of gaming event is welcome!

Events are submitted online and will have to be approved by our staff. This is a family-friendly convention that is meant to be a welcoming space to all, so please try to keep that in mind when creating your events and be respectful of all fellow gamers (young, old, and everything in between).

Dune: Imperium being run at Tabletop Central 2022

Perks for Running Games

Game Master Prize Drawing

For every event you register to run at the convention, you will receive an entry into an exclusive GM-only Prize Drawing.

Free Game Master Badge

If you run 2 or more approved events during the entirety of the convention day, you will receive a free badge to the convention for yourself!

In order to be eligible for a free GM Badge, events must be submitted before August 23, 2024 *Please note, this is one week before the final event submission deadline (August 30). You can submit events between August 23 and 30, but those events will not be eligible for a free badge.

Events have to be submitted through the Tabletop.Events website. You do not need to purchase a badge before submitting any events (you will need to create an account on Tabletop.Events in order to submit). Once the events have been approved you will receive an email that the events have been approved and you will receive a free GM badge to your account.

If you have any issues, please contact us at