Play a Game, Take it Home!

Play-To-Win games

At the convention's Game Library, there will be a table filled with Play-to-Win Games. Grab one of those games and take it to the check-out counter just like you would with any other library games. Play the game, and bring it back to the check-in desk to be entered for a chance to take the game home with you at the end of the convention!

Many of the Play-to-Win games are donated by our convention Sponsors. You can find which specific games will be available to Play-to-Win in the Game Library list by looking at the column on the right labeled "PTW." More games will be added the closer we get to the convention date. We will also have the full list available at the convention.

Do you have to actually "win" the game in order to be entered?

Nope! Everyone who plays the game is automatically entered for a chance to take the game home. When you check out the game, everyone who's playing with you can come up to the check-out counter with you in order to be entered into the drawing.

You can check these games out to play all throughout the convention while the library is open, until a drawing is held toward the end of each day. Games eligible for the drawing on Saturday will be clearly marked. You must be present to claim your prize during the drawing in order to win.